Pitter Pattering Halls


At the top of every hour, the halls of Trask are filled with the pitter-patter of feet. Some moving faster than others, some flipping and flopping, some stomping. The closer that time creeps towards the top of the hour, the faster the feet seem to move. And then suddenly, just after the top of the hour, the pitter-patter stops. The building is hushed, and the only sound to be heard is that of a few muffled, monotone professors.

     Minds are at work throughout the building. Some of them attempting to focus on their lecture, some of them daydreaming about what Todd may have prepared in the Café today. Trask is a busy building, a thinking building, and is, at times, a pitter-pattering mess.
     Amongst the chaos, there are only a few safe places to be. The cushioned chairs that line the halls of the building are positioned perfectly for people watching. If your timing is just right, and you’re having a lucky day, you may see a few students in a full sprint to their class. Coffee is often splashing their clothes, and a look of terror is in their eyes.
     Trask is a building where many minds come to think. They may think of different things, they may have different agendas, but yet all Evangel students congregate here. For Evangel students, Trask is where they come for class, coffee, camaraderie, or a quiet place to do there homework. For Evangel students, Trask is home.

Author: Josh Ballard

A student at Evangel University.

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