The Benefits of Working in Trask 315

As a member of the communication department, there are a few perks. Other than the sweetness of Mrs. Wanda Potter, and the occasional dum-dum suckers she leaves out on her desk.

One of the greatest perks of being a member of the Communication department is the amount of time spent in Trask 315. Whether it be for a class, or just to do some extra work, there is something about that room that brings the best out of a student.

315 comes with a slice of solitude that can’t be found anywhere else. As opposed to the roaring library (which is supposed to be quiet), 315 is a peaceful place where one can be with their thoughts.

While the room is usually empty, you can feel free to bring some food or a cold drink to get you through your homework. If you have forgotten your headphones you can just play the music out loud through the high quality speakers attached to each computer.

Trask 315 is also one of the only rooms on campus that is equipped with Adobe software on every computer. In fact, this room is so exclusive that you have to scan your student ID just to be allowed in.

What I’m saying is essentially this; if Jesus came back to earth and led a group of disciples to write the Newer Testament, you would likely found them in Trask 315 silently typing away.


Author: Josh Ballard

A student at Evangel University.

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