The Benefits of Working in Trask 315

As a member of the communication department, there are a few perks. Other than the sweetness of Mrs. Wanda Potter, and the occasional dum-dum suckers she leaves out on her desk.

One of the greatest perks of being a member of the Communication department is the amount of time spent in Trask 315. Whether it be for a class, or just to do some extra work, there is something about that room that brings the best out of a student.

315 comes with a slice of solitude that can’t be found anywhere else. As opposed to the roaring library (which is supposed to be quiet), 315 is a peaceful place where one can be with their thoughts.

While the room is usually empty, you can feel free to bring some food or a cold drink to get you through your homework. If you have forgotten your headphones you can just play the music out loud through the high quality speakers attached to each computer.

Trask 315 is also one of the only rooms on campus that is equipped with Adobe software on every computer. In fact, this room is so exclusive that you have to scan your student ID just to be allowed in.

What I’m saying is essentially this; if Jesus came back to earth and led a group of disciples to write the Newer Testament, you would likely found them in Trask 315 silently typing away.


Should You Really Stay up Late for That Extra Hour of Studying?

Finals week will soon be upon us, and college students will be all through the night trying to get in those crucial extra study hours in. Students will do anything they can to turn that B+ into an A; but what if I told you that the best way to turn that B+ to an A is to close your books and go to sleep?

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has done significant research into the sleeping schedules of college students. Through this research they have found a direct correlation between the amount of sleep a student gets, and the grades that the student receives.

According to the results of the experiment, nearly 70% of students with GPA’s below 2.4 claim to have trouble sleeping at night. Many of these students claim to also have trouble concentrating during the day.

At Evangel I did a little research myself. I asked a group of ten students to record their average hours of sleep per night, and also record their semester GPA. The results aligned closely with the experiment done by AASM. The students that were getting the most sleep were the same students with the best GPA’s.

While studying is very important, the brain can only retain so much knowledge before it is drained and needs time to properly recover. So put down the books, and get some shut eye.

Evangel Student Says His Last Goodbyes to Trask Hall

The halls of Trask will be without one of its favorite members next year. Senior Robert Kelly is graduating in the Spring of 2017 and will be leaving behind some great memories. Many of these memories were made in Trask Hall.

“I love this building,” said Kelly. “I know that it is weird for a student to claim that they love the place where the attend class, but I really do. Anytime that I needed to study or do homework, I wasn’t going to the Library, I was coming to Trask.”

Trask felt like home to Kelly. He spoke of many of his favorite teachers, and his least favorites. He told many stories of projects he completed in room 315. While Kelly will likely move on to do great things, it should always comfort him to know that Trask Hall won’t be going anywhere. And that he should feel free to return “home” whenever he pleases.

Pitter Pattering Halls


At the top of every hour, the halls of Trask are filled with the pitter-patter of feet. Some moving faster than others, some flipping and flopping, some stomping. The closer that time creeps towards the top of the hour, the faster the feet seem to move. And then suddenly, just after the top of the hour, the pitter-patter stops. The building is hushed, and the only sound to be heard is that of a few muffled, monotone professors.

     Minds are at work throughout the building. Some of them attempting to focus on their lecture, some of them daydreaming about what Todd may have prepared in the Café today. Trask is a busy building, a thinking building, and is, at times, a pitter-pattering mess.
     Amongst the chaos, there are only a few safe places to be. The cushioned chairs that line the halls of the building are positioned perfectly for people watching. If your timing is just right, and you’re having a lucky day, you may see a few students in a full sprint to their class. Coffee is often splashing their clothes, and a look of terror is in their eyes.
     Trask is a building where many minds come to think. They may think of different things, they may have different agendas, but yet all Evangel students congregate here. For Evangel students, Trask is where they come for class, coffee, camaraderie, or a quiet place to do there homework. For Evangel students, Trask is home.